Unhealthy cycle of housing

In the 1980s, shock reports were made that the cause of atopic dermatitis was in the house.

It has been clarified that the dust in the house, the mold and mites in the dust, and these are the allergens of atopic dermatitis in children.

They disappeared from the newly built homes after reports of a large amount of mold and mites on tatami mats, carpets and curtains.

And plywood flooring and aluminum blinds have begun to be widely used. At the same time, many building materials such as plywood flooring and wallpaper have been impregnated with pesticides that kill mold and mites.

The chemicals that are the pesticide component have created an unexpected situation at the time that more people with multiple chemical sensitivity are produced.

Since pesticide components and chemicals are not good, you should use natural materials, so solid wood boards, foundations, pillars and stucco wall, diatomaceous earth are gradually attracting attention, leading to the current boom of natural materials.

Diseases caused by the residential environment have been complexed with atopy, asthma and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Looking at the transition of housing, which is a major cause of this, it can only be said that it is an ad hoc, symptomatic treatment that does not look at the forest by looking at the trees.

At first glance, the current boom in natural materials seems to be an essential measure, but it is the natural materials that make it easy for mold and mites to grow. As it is now, it is a situation that seems to be the beginning of a vicious circle just by returning to the first start.

Molds and mites
It does not breed in well-ventilated areas with the blessings of the sun. 

It’s a very common sense and simple thing to build an airy house. But, the series of measures so far has not been done for this obvious thing.

If you open the window, the wind will pass through every corner of the room, and although you can’t see it, it’s a house where the wind can pass under the floor, inside the walls, and even behind the ceiling.

In such a house, the blessings of the sun can be reached throughout the house by the power of the wind, and mold and mites do not occur.

Of course, you don’t need chemicals as pesticides, so it’s able to say goodbye to multiple chemical sensitivity. Modern houses are not done such a simple thing at all.

The basic principle of building a healthy house is to use natural materials in a house with ventilation and air flow that carries the blessings of the sun to every corner of the house.

I would like to say, PAC house is that takes in the blessings of the sun with its ventilation and air flow, and restores the warmth of winter and the coolness of nature in summer.


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