Uniquely developed method of exterior insulation 1977

Uniquely developed method of exterior insulation 1977

Since 1977 when even the word external insulation did not exist,
we have been developing our own method of exterior insulation of the house.

Why is it necessary to put insulation on the outside of columns and beams?

The main reason for this is to protect Japanese wooden houses from rotting.
Filled insulation method, which put insulation in walls or on the ceiling, cannot protect wood from rotting.

In order to protect wood from rotting and to achieve its original life, it is not good to keep the wood in a sealed state.

Even after the trees have been cut down, if they are used in breathable environment, they can survive their original lifespan.

Trees can breathe by touching the air.

The wood that is exposed to the living air that is always flowing, not the air that is contained and dead, is lively.

“Making the wood exposed to the flowing air” This is a traditional technique and an absolute truth that cannot be changed by the latest logic of tricks.

Considering heat insulation without bending the principle of “touching the flowing air”, it is as follows.

Assemble all structural materials of the wooden house so that they are exposed to the air.

The air is always flowing.

These two are the great principles.

If so, there can be no filling insulation that stuffs insulation and cuts off contact with air, and at the same time structural plywood on the floor that stops the flow of air inside the wall, even if it is external insulation. The Nedalesu construction method does not even come to mind at all.

Unfortunately, this filling insulation and Nedalessu construction method is currently the mainstream.

However, since 1977, we have been pursuing a method that allows all the wood used for housing construction being in a state of “touching the flowing air” even after completion.

By that “flowing air”

With architectural and passive methods

“Winter is warmed by the sun”

“Summer is cool at night cold”

We have developed and popularized the PAC method. Since 1977, we have a track record of over 7,000 buildings.

Filled insulation is dangerous not only for wood but also for building hardware.


As external insulation is made outside of the foundation concrete and pillars, building hardware inside the walls and earthquake protection equipment do not damage the insulation.

Also, the building hardware is completely inside the insulation, so it is not directly affected by the outside air and there is no risk of condensation.

Further, with the PAC method, air will flow through the wall, so moisture does not stay.

The method of putting insulation in the wall is, it can be said that there are many inconveniences in many ways.

First of all, I would like you to think from such a place that seems natural.


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