We are enjoying a comfortable “※HIROGARIKUUKAN” centered on the living room.

We are enjoying a comfortable “※HIROGARIKUUKAN” centered on the living room.

※It means expansion space. It has combined the living room, dining room and kitchen, which had been made as independent spaces, into one space.

When rebuilding a house that was 29 years old, I built this house because I wanted something that was practical and solid. Because, I came across the book about PAC housing.

What has changed completely from before is the openness, daylighting, and spaciousness of the living room atrium.

Some visitors are surprised to hear the floor area.

I thought that I could do anything here, such as dressmaking, hobbies, reading, etc., centering on the living room.

I put a counter on the wall around the table in the living room and put a shelf under it. It is very convenient to be able to store what we use right next to us. We can pick it up right away and get rid of it right away. The table top doesn’t get cluttered.

It feels good, comfortable, sunny “expansive floor plan”

The only heating in winter is the underfloor space heating “Kakurenbo”.

I’m glad I put this on. I also installed the FF stove that I used before, but I no longer use it at home.

“Kakurenbo” has a uniform temperature throughout the house, making it easy to live in. Even the pots stored in the kitchen are warm to the touch, and it is the moment when i realize that warm air is flowing through the entire space.

Since I moved in in February, there was a window where condensation would form in the first winter. Since the ventilation openings are closed, it may have been difficult for the moisture in the building to escape.

However, from the second year onward, there was no condensation.

It has been 6 years since I moved in. I live in comfortably, decorating the spacious space with paintings and pottery.


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