Who is the “leading role” in building a house?

If it is a custom-built house, everyone will think that the leading role to build is the owner.

But in most cases, this is not true.

Many people look at the housing exhibition hall and build a house with a major housing manufacturer there. In these cases, the protagonist is the manufacturer.

Since it is a mass-produced type, there are inevitably large restrictions on the production line, purchase, floor plan, design, etc. of the factory.

We pursue free design, but the range of choice tends to be narrow. In this case, the main protagonist will be the house maker, not the owner.

And what if you ask a famous architect to design it?

Often, as a result, it tend to be largely left to architects.

Famous architect is star and owners is audience.

Even if you like house makers and architects and are happy at first, but,the house is a place of daily life, and many people will feel that this is a mistake.

The key word to prevent this from happening is “the leading role in building a house is the owner.”

Unless this too common idea is shared by the owner and architects or house makers , the building of a house will fail.

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