Would you like to renovate your house into the 1 / f fluctuation space?

I think there are many people who want to live surrounded by the richness of nature.

“1 / f fluctuation” is a big hint to realize the richness of nature in a residential space.

Nature is not constant. Even in a calm and refreshing state, there is a corresponding gradual continuous change.

If the change is in “1 / f fluctuation”, it will be a healthy and comfortable richness of nature.

In order to bring out the “1 / f fluctuation” in a residential space, it is necessary to “touch the flowing air”, and materials such as real solid wood and plaster, and a comfortable composition of the space are also required.

Even with equipment, artificial wind such as air conditioners cannot be good.

Fortunately, there are ceiling fans that cause “1 / f fluctuations”, so by using them, you can create a home where you can feel the richness of nature in a healthy and comfortable way throughout the four seasons.

PAC has been pursuing such a effect since 1977.

In PAC houses, natural materials such as solid wood and real plaster, air flowing in the invisible skeleton space, space plan, and a fan that can cause “1 / f fluctuation wind, we provide a healthy space.

This can also be provided by remodeling.

Introducing the remodeling of the air cycle method. in Japanese


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